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Out of space

Brownsabroad in this incarnation has come to an end my friends. We have reached our data limit…but never fear keen followers as we have started another one. You can find it here

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Adios for now!


Canada Day!


Community pancake breakfast. Mmmm pancakes.

Lost Archives: Friends in Hotel Rooms

A few long lost photos of my 29th birthday at Chateau Lake Louise …

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Lizzie’s staff party

One of Lizzie’s many jobs had their staff party last week and I was lucky enough to get a gernsey….I was the only plus-one in fact – one of the many advantages of being married! We camped out at Jarvis Lake, which is about half an hours drive from Jasper. The highlight of the trip was getting to go Tubing; 3 of us getting dragged behind the boat in a fancy innertube at what seemed like the speed of light! I was giving Lizzie a lecture about holding on tight, not letting go and just when i’d finished my speech, I was bucked off and cartwheeled violently across the water. That’ll learn me.

Lake O’Hara

A couple days after my b’day we set out on our first official backcountry trip. Lake O’Hara is about 3 hrs drive from Jasper in the direction of Lake Louise. You can only drive so far, the rest you have to go on foot. It was about a 12km hike along a dirt road and then a couple kms through some pretty deep snow…..well not deep all the time. You’d be casually walking along the snow and then you’d suddenly disappear up to your waist. After about 3.5hrs we reached our little hut in the middle of nowhere. Usually in the summer there are loads of amazing day hikes you can do from here but due to the massive amount of snow still up there, we were more or less limited to exploring pretty close to the cabin. That didn’t seem to phase anyone and we had an awesome few days of fun in the mountains!


So it was my b’day the other day and I turned the ripe old age of 32. Had a lovely morning of opening presents – thanks Mum; the Coughlans and Barb for the very thoughtful gift. It did, however, coincide with us been given a van! So your wonderful gift will go towards getting it on the road. Thanks. Us Brown Brothers sure do love our toys, and like a good brother, Bren fueled my insatiable appetite for electronics and got me a fancy GoPro camera, which in future posts will surely be responsible for many high quality films!!!

Lizzie loves a surprise. I think when my birthday rolls around Lizzie is just as, if not more excited than me, cause she gets to play out her magical stage play that leads up to whatever she has planned. Lizzie downplayed this one more than usual, and before I knew it some stranger was fitting me for leather chaps. We then jumped on a Harley (me in the side car!) and we were off to Miette Hot Springs for a dip!

After our leather clad bike ride we had a cruisey BBQ planned at Herb and Anitas. Lots of friends, food and booze, followed by a nice fire was how the day was rounded out.

Thanks for all b’day wishes, thanks to the Robos for letting us party at their place and to my Darling who ALWAYS goes out of her way to make EVERYONE feel special.

Last night and today.